EU SEI... ♥◡‿◡♥ I know... Poesia de Amor (Portuguese love poem)

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(Sorry friends, but the space here isn’t enough to put the translation of the complete poem). I know one day I’ll feel... The tenderness of your kisses. The warmth of your hugs. The strength of your desire. And love in your arms! I know one day I’ll tell you. How much I love you! How much drives me crazy your smell. How much I wanna lose myself in your arms. And how much I desire you! I know one day you’ll tell me. How much you love me. And as thou wilt love me! I know that soon I will hear from your mouth. I’m not any crazy for dreaming with you! Because I know that as me you also want to keep this flame burning ... Of this love that calls us forever to love! I know one day we’ll... Always stay close together...
Making our love our nest... And discover that alone does not give more to stay! And how do I know all this!? Why I listened softly inside my heart our love tell me!
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