Xcorps Action Sports TV #49.) ROAD TOUR-2 seg.3

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Xcorps Action Sports TV #49.) ROAD TOUR-2 seg.3 HD - The cross country Xcorps journey continues from Boston to San Diego on the road with show host Jason Lazo crossing the Wyoming border stopping to have a beer at the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar in Jackson Hole followed by a wild down slope mountain bike ride at the Idaho Grand Targhee Resort.

Segment one rolls to rockabilly band Volbeat strumming a sweet tune and Jason under the massive elk antler arches in Jackson Hole. Check out the well worn saddles instead of bar stools at the Million Dollar Cowboy bar, shoot location for the drunk orangutans scene in Clint Eastwoods film Any Which Way You Can.
After that Jason crosses the line into Idaho on his way to the super scenic Grand Targhee Ski Resort near Driggs Idaho. Was that a giant Idaho Spud on the back of a flat bed truck!?

The next segment was made for Xcorps HD cams with scenes of the Grand Teton Mountains looming close and clear. Sweet music video mix by Corey Crowder. Est
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