the rolling stones - she said yeah - extended to 3.22 & processed stereo

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Edit for headphones, extended from 95 seconds to 202 seconds. The performance was not real live, all dubbed. The second part of the edit has an extended guitar solo.

Recorded: September 6 & 7, 1965. Released on "Out Of Our Heads" (UK) and "December's Children (and everybody's)" (US) in 1965. This extended edit is made of the version on the album "December's children (and everybody's)" Japan mini lp remastered 2006 [uicy-93018].

Weaving electric guitars: Brian Jones & Keith Richards. Background vocals: Brian Jones & Keith Richards. Lead vocal: Mick Jagger. Bass: Bill Wyman. Drums: Charlie Watts.

(George Rodrick "Roddy" Jackson/Don Christy [pseudonym of Sonny Bono * ])

dam deedle dee dam dam
little girl, when you took off from me
try a little bit to make my mouth dribble
come on baby, let's a ride away the rain

baby you drive me crazy
drive my poor heart hazy
just a little bit
a little while with you
come on baby, let's ride away the rain
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