Moments of peace

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Moments of tranquility have become very precious in this day and age. The clocks tick loudly and quickly, remind us of dates and oh so important events, which we must not miss. Everyone knows the feeling of stress, whether in the social environment or in the profession. The air for breathing is getting thinner and thumping our heart ever faster, until we are forcibly thrown out of this dilemma by disease. Then we stop and remember the essentials, the life itself! We are not here to limit ourselves more and more in our being. We are life itself, which wants to be aware of its abundance of possibilities. This is all because life is ALL what we really have. It is what is experienced by us. So why do we hurry from day to day to achieve more and more without appreciating the true treasures of our being ... our senses with which we can see, smell, taste, hear and feel the beauty of life.
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