Barney Miller...Werewolf

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"Werewolf" is another beloved episode, the second of six appearances for Kenneth Tigar, here in his most famous characterization, Romanian-born Stefan Koepeknie (later seen in "Possession"), who was born under a full moon and claims to be a real werewolf. Harris and Wojo catch up to him and bring him in, itching to be put in the cage so he won't be able to kill. The detectives have been on duty for 24 hours due to a swine flu epidemic, and the pretty nurse (Janet MacLachlan) has to fend off a determined Harris while a fearful Wojo tries to avoid the inoculation. An elderly couple (Jon Lormer and Queenie Smith, her second of two) just arrived in New York, only to be robbed by the cab driver. The husband isn't too happy with the weirdo in the cell ("and you didn't want to go to Yellowstone on account of the bears!"). Noting the full moon outside, super cool Yemana actually begins to sweat at midnight, when Koepeknie starts growling, panting, and howling, yelling for Barney to return ("do
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