van morrison - tupelo honey - live (nov. 26, 2013)

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edit for headphones. Beacon Theatre, New York. The song is from the 1971 album "Tupelo Honey".
Original video:
The song is about Van's happy life with his wife and about the Irish civil war that was raging in the seventies, caused by people who still don't understand Ireland is from the Irish. Just like tupelo honey is from the tupelo tree flowers. Don't need much education to understand that. But, hurray, the recent leaving the EU shows there's some progress...

(Van Morrison)

live version* lyrics:

you can take all the tea in China
put it in a big brown bag for me
sail right around seven oceans
drop it straight into the deep blue sea, because
she's as sweet as Tupelo honey
she's an angel of the first degree
she's as sweet as Tupelo honey
she's alright with me

they can't keep us on the road to freedom
they can't stop us 'cause our eyes can see
we got men with insight, we got men in granite
and some knight
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