the rolling stones - all sold out - two instrumentals combined

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Edit for headphones. Sounds a bit strange here & there, for this is "All sold out [take 1]" of Yellow Dog's "Black Box", combined with "All sold out" (of poorer quality, but with Brian Jones on recorder) of the bootleg "Between the buttons sessions 1966-1967" (unknown publisher). Video & music as a thank you to someone with marvellous ears, noticing even the slightest sound variations in Rolling Stones records, from Chile, the one and only Callampa Producciones:

Sing along with the band, here are the Jagger/Richard lyrics!

Why put this sadness inside of me
Why be so matter-of-fact
Why put this one bit of hope in me
You sold me out and that's that

I hope that you're having fun with me
There's not much left to attack
I hope that you're nearly done with me
You sold me out and that's that

All sold out I'd never seen
A mind so tangled, a girl so strangled
All sold out well I felt so green
It was
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