the byrds - it’s all over now, baby blue (version 1) - stereo edit

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edit for headphones. This is The Byrd’s first recording of their Dylan cover, recorded June 28, 1965. This one remained unreleased for 22 years, until it was released on the album "Never Before" in 1987. It is also on the 1996 (legacy) expanded remaster edition * of "Turn! Turn! Turn!" and on the "There Is a Season" box sets. I really, really wonder what retarded guy decided not to release this version right away, in 1965. I like the cover by Van Morrison very seriously much, but wow, this is also a direct hit to me! Compared to the sluggish official Easy Rider version this is the Ferrari that smashesh the creeping snail. Okay, the "version 1" album mix needed some editing, as it is not that good, but on a real loud home stereo equipment, even the official release will surely sound like a number one big hit record.

Oh, I discovered some new editing tricks, so happy this song is the first one to use them on! Enjoy!

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