david mcwilliams - days of pearly spencer - stereo edit

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edit for headphones. Released October 6, 1967, at first as b-side to the single "Harlem Lady".
McWilliams said he had written the song about a homeless man encountered in Ballymena. Some of those close to McWilliams claimed he was writing about two ladies from his hometown. Producer Mike Leander formed the orchestral arrangement (he also provided so for Marianne Faithfull’s "As Tears Go By" and for the Beatles’ "She’s Leaving Home". I think the orchestra is far to much at the outter right, its sound is just to narrow, hence the edit.
The BBC refused to play the record, because of Phil Solomon’s (of the record label "Major Minor" that released the single) involvement in the pirate radio station Radio Caroline. That’s why it was only a hit in continental Europe: Holland (#1), France (#1), Belgium (#2), Germany (#4), US (#134). O.k., BBC, let the police do their job, and you just do your job and play music! In 1992 -
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