barry mcguire - eve of destruction - stereo

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editdit for headphones. edit with some more body, some more bang, somewhat nearer to the explosion... source file is from the album "eve of destruction" (2006 remaster). according to Barry, the song was recorded in one take on a thursday morning (singing the lyrics from words scrawled on a crumpled piece of paper). the recording includes an "ehhh" where he could not read the words (at 0.53-0.54). Barry then he got a call from the record company at 7.00 the next monday morning, telling him to turn on the radio: his song was playing.

A protest song ** about political issues of the ’60s, many radio stations refused to play it because of its antigovernment lyrics. There was an upside to this controversy, however, as it piqued interest in the song, sending it to #1 in the US.

Vocals: Barry Mcguire. Bass: Larry Knechtel. Drums: Hal Blaine. Guitar: P.F. Sloan, Tommy Tedesco. Percussion: Steve Barri.

(Philip Gary Schlein *)

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