fairport convention - who knows where the time goes - stereo edit

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edit for headphones
this song’s channels were really "1969 seperated", a bit too much in my opinion, so I rearranged this beautiful song of this beautiful lady; sorry for the dull slide-show, it’s the only thing I could come up with... though I must say, these photographs are outstanding! I used as much slideshow transitions as possible, just to see what they do. Windows moviemaker. Please, don’t use slide show transitions. The’re tantalizing. Like an icecream, moving around your mouth for some minutes before you get to eat it. Slide show transitions are stupid. Dull.

"The song’s title has no question mark, probably because the question is purely rhetorical. Written by Sandy Denny, who recorded it as a demo in 1967, it was covered the following year by Judy Collins who released it as the B Side of "Both Sides Now". Denny joined Fairport Convention, and it was recorded for their third album "Unhalfbricking&q
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