the rolling stones - diddly daddy - enhanced sound

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Edit for headphones.
Recorded March 11, 1963, never released.
From the bootleg cd "Around and around" by Invasion Unlimited (IU9531-1)
Harmonica: Brian Jones. Backing vocals: Brian Jones, Bill Wyman. Vocals: Mick Jagger. Guitar: Keith Richards.

Bass: Bill Wyman. Piano: Ian Stewart. Drums: Charlie Watts.

The only true lyrics are here, and no where else on the web.
(As a matter of fact, they’re all lazy copycats, even copying a type mismatch in line 11
(which is also the wrong text: My baby said " Junior that’s all right". They all have the extra space between the quotation mark and the word Junior).
"My pretty baby doncha you know they’re born right" is the true text, though I may be mistaken (I’m Dutch). Please contact me if I misinterpret this line.

(Ellas Otha Bates aka songwriter Ellas McDaniell aka Bo Diddley/Harvey Fuqua)(rewritten lyrics of a Billy Boy Arnold composition)

Diddley, diddley, di
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