earth and fire - weekend - stereo edit

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Edit for headphones. It’s the great personality Jerney Kaagman and the band Earth and Fire with one of their best songs. For seven weeks a # 1 top 100 hit in Holland in 1979, also a # 1 hit in Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Danmark, Portugal. Should have been a world wide hit! I made the clip with the full version of the song, first time on Youtube!

(Gerard Koerts)

Sunday and it’s so hard to say goodbye
I don’t know what to do passing the days without you
Friday night when I see you again
You’ll make a fool out of me
I don’t wanna be your lover for the weekend

Sometimes when I’m looking at your face
There’s something in your eyes that makes me realize
We’ve got no chance if we’re going on this way
You mean such a lot to me
I don’t wanna be your lover for the weekend

Love in a woman’s heart
I wanna have the whole and not a part
It’s strange that this feeling grows more and more
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