the rolling stones - cops and robbers - stereo edit

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Edit for headphones. Brian louder, Keith sharper. No host, so "hostless" edition.
This song was recorded live at Camden Theatre, London, March 19, 1964 during an experimental "stereo" tv broadcast by the BBC, one channel on mono tv, the other channel on mono radio to get a stereo sound.

Brian Jones is excelling on harmonica, with Mick, Keith, Charlie & Bill as his assistants...

The song was for ages on various bootlegs, along with three other stereo songs of that day, until they finally - 48 years later, in an other millenium - surfaced on "Grrr!" (super deluxe edition).

(Ellas McDaniel, stage name Bo Diddley, real name Ellas Otha Bates)

As I was driving home along the boulevard late one night
I saw a guy in the corner, bumming all alone
As I passed him by, I heard him holler out: "Hey!"
I slowed down to see what he said, he said:
"Eh! By any chance, are you goin’ my way?"
I said: "sur
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