the rolling stones - cool, calm & collected - stereo edit

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Edit for headphones. Wall of sound, but still stereo. More bass, more of everything. I used all off the driving-you-mad slideshow transitions Windows Moviemaker has - throw a stone if you don’t like ’m...
Recorded August 3 - 11, 1966, released on "Between the Buttons" in February of 1967.
Sitar, banjo, kazoo & harmonica: Brian Jones. Vocal: Mick Jagger. Bass: Bill Wyman. Drums: Charlie Watts. Guitar: Keith Richards. Piano: Nicky Hopkins.


Well she’s very wealthy it’s true
So in that she is one up on you
She’s dressed all in red, white and blue
And she always knows more than you do

She’s so affected
Cool, calm, collected

She knows who to smile to today
She has just been brought up in that way
She knows all the right games to play
And she always just knows what to say

She’s well respected
Cool, calm, collected

She’s so affected
Cool, calm,
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