รtคtє ๏Ŧ รђ๏ςк {๓เςђคєl, ๓เςк คภ๔ Ŧгє๔๔เє} {שเ๔є๏ ςгєคtเ๏ภ ๒א lєє קคl๓}

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"ѕтaтe oғ ѕнocĸ" ιѕ a 1984 нιт ѕιngle вy тнe jacĸѕonѕ ғeaтυrιng ғronтмan мιcнael jacĸѕon and мιcĸ jagger. ιт waѕ wrιттen вy jacĸѕon and gυιтarιѕт randy нanѕen. тнe тracĸ waѕ orιgιnally тo вe ѕυng wιтн ғreddιe мercυry aѕ a dυeт wιтн jacĸѕon, and waѕ laтer ѕlaтed ғor тнe тнrιller alвυм; нowever, dυe тo dιғғerιng тιмe ѕcнedυleѕ, jacĸѕon ended υp recordιng ιт wιтн нιѕ вroтнerѕ and jagger.
{vιdeo creaтιon вy lee palм}
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