sandy coast - capital punishment - stereo edit

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Edit for headphones. March 1969 # 11 in the Dutch charts. The singer had problems with his voice, having caught a cold during the studio sessions, nevertheless, or maybe just because of that, the record became a big success. The band had bigger "hits", but I think this is their number one! A true should be world wide hit.

Lead vocals, solo guitar: Hans Vermeulen
Rythm guitar: Jan Vermeulen
Bass, vocals: Jos de Jager
Drums, organ, piano: Onno Bevoort

(Jan Vermeulen)

there’s only four hours left to death
no time to feel that I regret

I hate the man outside this door
brings me my last meal and he says:
"enjoy your dinner son before
they come and get you, then you’ll hang"

I guess the hangman’s still asleep
the gallows wait, the cord is cheap

a preacher says "before it’s too late
I’ll save your soul, don’t let me wait
you know it’s nearly time to go"
but it’s so te
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