the rolling stones - the lantern - stereo edit 2

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Edit, for headphones. I added extra guitar solos in the first minute. If you listen closely to the original release’s right channel, then at 0:37.5 and at 0:47.5 you can hear the guitar solo very faintly! You have to close the left channel to hear it.
Brass: Brian Jones. Organ: Brian Jones ? Acoustic guitars: Brian Jones & Keith Richards. Lead vocal: Mick Jagger. Electric guitar: Keith Richards. Piano: Nicky Hopkins. Bass: Bill Wyman. Drums: Charlie Watts. Background vocal: Keith Richards.
Recorded in July and October of 1967. Released on "Their Satanic Majesties Request" in December of 1967.


we, in our present life,
knew that the stars were right
that if you are the first to go,
you’ll leave a sign to let me know,
tell me so
please, carry the lantern lights

you crossed the sea of night,
free from the spell of fright
your cloak it is a spirit shroud
you’ll wake me in my sleeping hours,
like a cl
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