An Essay On Painter Jon McNaughton

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Jon McNaughton. What can you say about the artist who created the now-famous painting, “One Nation Under God”? He’s an excellent craftsman, without question. However, taking it upon himself more recently to become a “social essayist” is where he really burns-out, with his more recent works coming-off as some of the most infantile, jejune and intellectually paltry arguments to defend the wealthiest elements of the GOP.

I talk about artists because I am one—specifically, an oil portraitist more than anything else. My personal life presently precludes me from doing either oil portraits or artistic social essays. However, once I do finally sit down to paint a few social essays, you can rest assured that at no time will create anything that “seems to try to be something it isn’t”. “Missing the mark” when one endeavors to convey a particular vice or virtue is the worst sin an artist can commit—even in rendering “sacred” artworks.
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