Courage My Love - Bridges

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Added: 3 years ago
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Director: Warren P. Sonoda
Editor: Warren P. Sonoda
Director of Photography: Matt Braun
Executive Producer: Courage My Love
Song written and performed by Courage My Love
Song produced by Chris Perry at The Pocket Studios Toronto.

Video shot on location at Jacob Hespeler Secondary School, Cambridge Ontario

Special thanks to the Cambridge Lions Football team!


i wish you could see
the bridge that leads from you to me
but every time you try to cross
you always manage to get lost
i’ve been waiting patiently
for you to come and find me but
this is hide and seek in the dark
and now it seems you’ve left your mark on me.

this will never change
it’s funny how we both grew up the same

you’ve had one too many second chances
and i can’t wait around for you to make up your mind
without a second glance you left me stranded
i climbed i slipped i fell but at least i tried
if you turn your back, i’ll burn that bridge

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