Monounsaturated Fat

I’m not allowed to give out that information, under the command and/or orders of my leader.
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I work for Lucifer, for he knows everything about everyone, you can’t avoid him or the burning pits go Hell! Do keep in mind that all niggers, faggots, and Jews will burn and rot in Hell no matter what! To all of you moronic idiots out there, remember you can’t over power the under world. For you should know that Lucifer, GOD, as well as myself are always right no matter what you dumb asses do or even think of doing. We all know as what the past was, the present will be, and can see into the future as well. According Lucifer, GOD and myself the only happy soul is a deceased soul. Many of you assholes out there, will rot in Hell I’ll make damn sure about that in all ways. Something else you dumb asses should know, is that don’t expect accepting the Lord thy GOD into your life. Just to think if you can get reborn to pass through the pearl gates. For that does not work in any matter whatsoever. We’ll tell you where you’ll be going no matter if you dumb asses accept it or not! For you dumb humans have no saying in any way whatsoever, we do!
For all you pigheaded jackasses out their who copy down my phrases mainly to think that I’m that bloody bastard Catman. You’ve got SHIT FOR BRAINS, get your head out of your ass. If you are so desperate to see him, I’ll be more then happy to sent you straight to the unknown pits of Hell for you to be with him for eternal life. You don’t want to get me mad in any way whatsoever. For if you do, I’ll stamp your GODFORSAKEN name in the book of damnation. For once your name is written in the book, theirs no removing it.
Sugars 9.2g
Dietary fiber 6g
Fat 50g
Protein 25g
Water 1.8g
Alcohol 0g
Caffeine 0g
Sodium 0mg (0%)
 United States
Postal Code
Hell has no Postal C
I’ve died in many hometowns, yet Hell is my kingdom.
Hell is in every city.
I’ve the power to decide who goes where when they die, you can’t argue with me in any way! For I am the way, the truth, and the light. GOD and Lucifer both made a agreement to give me the privilege of this high honor.
School of major Exorcist.
To request as what the people want, for they have no choice.
All major Companies, no matter what size they are.
Only fun is to watch living souls burn in hell for eternal life.
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Hell has no movies.
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Souls are not allowed to listen to music in Hell.
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Black Bible

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