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In love with my Dream Girl Nona ❤
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I only thrill in seducing my love Nona <3

The Seduction

Slowly you move towards me
Gliding in a seductive way
Dropping your towel kissing me
Your hands finding their way

Hair pulled back, looking good
Running your finger down chest
The look in your eye understood
Tonight there will be no rest

Deeply we hold and kiss
Your finger finding my belt
Tongue on your breast, for a kiss
Making you melt

As I touch your body with my finger
Gently you stop my touch
Biting my chest, letting it linger
On your knees, wanting it so much

Taking me then and there
In a naughty, teasing way
Together without a care
All night we will play

As you lead me to the candle light
I can smell fragrance in the room
Kissing my neck, telling me it is my lucky night
Biting your neck, tasting your perfume

You pull me to the floor
Straddling my thighs
Your look, wanting more
Desire in our eyes

As we touch and caress
Who is seducing who?
As we completely undress
Our love, me and you

Making love, kissing and touching through the night
We cannot stop, driven by passions fire
Making everything in the world right
Our love shown in unbridled desire

As the alarm bell rings
We begin anew
Our heart sings
As we say, I love you
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