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”Music is my brand of spiritualism, my
brand of religion.” --- Ann Wilson

He who laughs at himself, will never cease’ too be amused ~ Unknown

Gossip is deadly, it stings, it hurts, it brings out the beast in us. Gossip is the lowest conversation. If you never get to the origin, then no one has the right to speak with an evil tongue...

I have left this site. However, I have not removed my films. I have left them up for my dear friend Randy.

All the best,

"Embed Society"...

UPDATE: Please, my channel is now on friends lock due too ”trolling”. If you want too be my friend and on this channel, please friend me. Thanks!

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I edit film. Everything that you see on this channel has been done by me accept for some music uploads. I do still image editing, and live editing. I make films for my friends and the public too enjoy. I am not profiting from anything that I make here. These films are for entertainment only, public awareness. I disable all embedding because of audio track restrictions and some copyright law. Some uploads on here you can embed. I only have one video from You Tube on here. I hope you like what you see. Leave a comment if you like, and I will comment back on your uploads as well. All the best, JM

Digital Editing, Editor, Artist, Web design,...
Music , Computers, watching film.
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Horror, Classic Horror, B movies, Westerns, SciFi...
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Rock and Roll, Alternative, Metal. \w/
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